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  • Do you Have Teen Drivers

    Lots of current carriers now offer discounts for your Teens.  If they take Drivers Ed from a company they can receive a discount, as well as a good grades discount.  I know many of our schools do not offer drivers Ed but lots of time the cost of taking drivers ED from a company
    will pay for it self with discounts on your auto insurance.
    AAA and Progressive have Teen Devices that monotors the mileage and offers tips on driving.
    All of things can help with the cost of your insurance.

    I recently tested the Device that Progressive offers for all Drivers.  You plug it in to your car
    and it measures if you break suddenly, times of the day you drive and some other things.  You
    can receive up to a 30% discount based on your driving.  Just one example of ways to save.

    Please check back often for new tips, I will update regularly

    Shari Rogers
    Inpendent Agent
    Shari's Insurance Agency


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